What is an NFT?
NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”, which represents a unique digital token that uses “blockchain” technology to prove ownership of the token, it can be bought, transferred and sold. These tokens represent a digital contract so they can represent virtually anything. Until now NFTs are associated with a digital image that can be used as a profile picture or that can be collected. However, there is a wide variety of uses that nfts can provide, such as:
Digital art (real or digital painting, photography, video), access to video games, access to metaverses or virtual worlds, exchange for a physical object, right to virtual or live experiences, representation of the action of a company that can give income or dividends, tickets for concerts or virtual concerts, web domains, memberships, among many other uses that we will see later since the world is still discovering the only ways in which they can be used.
Why buy an NFT? o What opportunity do NFTs present?
Possession of an NFT can provide you with access to experiences, goods and services in the real world and in the virtual world, in addition to being a digital asset which can be bought, transferred or sold.
What is blockchain? and Why will we use the Solana blockchain?
Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets across a business network. The first blockchain network was Bitcoin and today there are many both public and private.
In short, blockchain technology is the most reliable network today and is the most advanced shared accounting system in humanity. In this way, generating NFTs within a blockchain provides certainty and infrastructure for their future development.
Currently the main blockchain networks that host smart contracts and NFTs are: Ethereum and Solana. The Solana blockchain uses a very advanced consensus protocol, which has made it currently the fastest, cheapest blockchain and the one with the best user interface. We chose this blockchain as it features the best infrastructure in terms of low cost, user experience, and technological development.
What are the steps to buy a Don Caguamo NFT?
  1. Have SOLANA in your Bitso account or in your preferred exchange
  2. Create a PHANTOM wallet for solana and send SOLANA from Bitso or your preferred exchange.
  3. In Don Caguamo´s launch day, connect your PHANTOM wallet to the Don Caguamo NFT collection launch page. Once the collection sale is over, you will be able to buy or trade your Don Caguamo NFT in secondary markets (Magic Eden).
  4. Keep your NFT in your wallet, and enjoy the benefits for life (IRL).
Can I choose my Don Caguamo or is it assigned randomly?
The public sale process works randomly, so you will have the opportunity to obtain a Golden Don Caguamo, a Golden Beer, a Rare Don Caguamo or a Natural Don Caguamo. The system works like a traditional raffle so you can try your luck and be one of the lucky ones to get a Golden Don Caguamo.
What is a “Wallet”?
The "wallet" is a digital wallet in the blockchain,you can consider it as your own private address on the internet and have multiple wallets, either for different cryptocurrencies and platforms. Don Caguamo's NFTs will be stored in your PHANTOM wallet on the Solana blockchain.
What is 1000 Caguamas and why was Don Caguamo NFT created?
1000 caguamas is your preferred caguamería, a space where you can come to have an ice-cold beer (“cagua”) and eat a real aguachile, while supporting an ecological cause.
Since our beginnings, 10 years ago, at @1000Caguamas, for every beer sold, we donate $5 pesos for the conservation of sea turtles in Mexico.
We are called @1000Caguamas because only 1 in 1000 sea turtles make it to adulthood.
We want to help Mexico's sea turtles find their way to a better future, leaving behind the dangers that today make them an endangered species.
We are located in Mexico, with 8 different points of sale and growing. We are currently in the cities of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, and by the end of the year we will be present in 3 more states.
Throughout these 10 years we have supported different organizations for the conservation of sea turtles. We currently have our own foundation: "FUNDACIÓN POR LAS CAGUAMAS A.C." and we collaborate with 7 turtle camps in Mexico through an agreement with CONANP.
And what is our dream?
After 10 years supporting different projects for the conservation of sea turtles, a new dream arises, to build our own turtle camp, La Aldea @1000 Caguamas, and to be the largest and coolest community caguamera in the world.
What are the benefits of having a Don Caguamo NFT and what is the duration of these?

9What are the benefits of having a Don Caguamo NFT and what is the duration of these?
The lifetime benefits of Don Caguamo NFT are:

  1. Construction of Aldea 1000 Caguamas and discounts on glamping.
  2. Quick queue (Caguama Liebre) at any branch.
  3. Access to the Anniversary Party.
  4. Exclusive access to Merch (Clothes, jars, beer glasses, etc.).
  5. Pre-sale access to future NFT collections.
  6. Be part of the exclusive community "1000 Caguamas DAO".
  7. 1 week of glamping in “Suite Don Caguamo” (only for Golden Don Caguamos)
  8. 1 Free Caguama per week at any branch (only for Golden Don Caguamos and Gold Caguama)
  9. 1 Free Caguama per month (only for Rare Don Caguamo).
  10. Table reservation 24 hours before (only Golden Don Caguamo).
When can I use the benefits at the 1000 caguamas branches? And what will the process be?
The benefits in branches will be available from january 2023.
The process will consist of a verification that will last approximately 30 seconds to validate that you are the authentic owner of a Don Caguamo. Once your NFT has been validated, you will be able to access the benefits at the restaurant.
What is Discord? and Why should you join the Don Caguamo community on Discord?
Discord is the platform that provides servers for communities and makes it easy to talk everyday and hang out more often as Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can choose, collaborate, share and just hang out with the caguamera gang.
Join our discord server so you can have access to the Don Caguamo NFT presale and you can also be aware of everything about Don Caguamo.
What security measures should I take when buying a Don Caguamo NFT?

First of all, it is very important that you have the backup of all your passwords and secret phrases physically and in a safe place, it is not recommended to store passwords on the computer.
The best security measures when buying your Don Caguamo NFT are:

  1. In discord do not open links of people you do not know and who do not come from the Don Caguamo team.
  2. The Don Caguamo NFT team will never send you a private message to request money or to pass the link to the public sale.
  3. The only sale link (mint link) will be provided on Discord and Twitter on the date to be designated weeks in advance (last week of October or first week of November 2022).

It is not recommended to connect your PHANTOM wallet to websites you are not familiar with.
The use and purchase of NFTs is the sole responsibility of the purchasers. Buyers accept and acknowledge all risks associated with the purchase, use and exchange of virtual assets.
The value of an NFT is determined by supply and demand, so the value of the asset can appreciate depending on the team or company behind it. Some people buy NFTs solely for their speculative value, others as a piece of art or collectible, and many others buy them to be part of a community with a common cause and access to experiences.

When is it going to be Don Caguamo NFT public sale?
The launch of the Don Caguamo NFT collection will be at the end of November 2022. Make sure to follow us on twitter and be at the discord so that you are aware.
How many Don Caguamos will there be? And how much is a Don Caguamo going to cost?
There will be 5,000 Don Caguamo NFTs and each one will be unique.
Don Caguamo NFT will have a starting price of 2 SOLANAS (approximately 60 USD, which in turn is equivalent to 1,200 MXN)
Where and when will the “1000 Caguamas Village” be built?
The village of 1000 caguamas is a dream with a long way to go, and we currently have different options on the beaches of the state of Jalisco or Nayarit. It is intended to buy the piece of land on the beach in order to start the construction of the Village 1000 caguamas in the year 2023. It should be noted that @1000caguamas will contribute financially for the same mission.


Exchange: Asset exchange platform or cryptocurrency exchange.
Bitso: Cryptocurrency exchange platform for Latin Americans
Phantom: Decentralized digital wallet for the Solana blockchain network. It has to be downloaded on PC or Mobile.
Mint: is the process of minting or creating an NFT in the blockchain network. By "minting" an NFT, the existence of this token begins in the blockchain network and you become its first owner.
IRL: In Real Life.
DYOR: Do Your Own Research.
Metaverse: Virtual reality or virtual space with augmented reality.
HODL: Hold On for Dear Life.
DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
GM: Good Morning.
GN: Good Night.
Web3: Third version of the interweb that allows user participation through decentralization.
WAGMI: We are all going to make it.
GMI: Going to make it.
NGMI: Not Going To Make It.
Defi: Decentralized Finance.
FOMO: Fear of missing out.
FUD: Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
Alpha: Helpful Investment Tips.
Gas: Transaction cost associated with the Ethereum blockchain network
PFP: Profile Picture.
Bullish: Positive market sentiment and is related to bulls.
Bearish: Negative market sentiment and is related to bears.
Burner Wallet: Wallet with specific use to make mint and not to store NFTs
Staking: To store an asset in a pool of liquidity or "pool" to obtain a return.

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